Our janitorial services leaves your facility clean and spotless. You can be confident and assured that our team will leave nothing undone. We offer cleaning services to multi unit dwellings, office buildings, schools, community centers, etc., meeting your needs.

Services We Provide:

  • Empty waste receptacles and wash as needed
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Clean floors and stairs
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces with disinfectant
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames
  • Clean interior glass door and windows
  • Spot clean walls and painted surfaces
  • Collect all garbage, papers, bottles etc.
  • Ensure all areas are clean & arranged neatly
  • Break room cleaning
  • Clean blinds
  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean lamps
  • Clean pictures